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Options 4 Adoption
Phone Number:770-928-1871
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.options4adoption.com
E-mail Address:homestudy@options4adoption.com
Other Info: Options 4 Adoption, Incorporated is licensed in the States of Georgia, Florida and Tennessee as a non-profit home study only child placing agency. We start and finish your home study in a timely manner as we are able to meet with you as quickly as 48 hours after approval of your application. Our services include home studies for domestic and international adoptions (including Haque reports), post placement supervision and home study report updates.

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The Adoption Authority, Inc.
Phone Number:(800) 747-5145
Coverage Area:Service area is all of Gerogia
Web Address:www.theadoptionauthority.com
E-mail Address:edna@theadoptionauthority.org
Other Info:The Adoption Authority, Inc is a licensed child placement agency in Georgia and Florida. As such, we can assist you with completing domestic and or international homestudies, homestudy updates, and post placement reports. At The Adoption Authority, Inc, you receive personal service from social workers who are highly experienced in the International and Domestic adoption processes. We can provide you with a report that is tailored to your specific adoption needs. We work quickly to ensure your home study is completed in a timely manner by immediately assigning you to a social worker and scheduling your home visit at a time that is convenient for you. Please contact our agency for additional information. Call us today to get started!

A Adoption Advocates of Georgia
Phone Number:770-778-2751
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.adoptionadvocatesofga.org
E-mail Address:advocatesofga@aol.com
Other Info:A Adoption Advocates of Georgia, Inc. is a non-profit Licensed Child Placing Agency servicing all of Georgia. Our mission statement centers on providing affordable adoption services, combined with extensive knowledge and experience in conducting home studies for international adoptions, (including Hague reports), domestic adoptions and post-placement requirements. We are able to start and complete your home study in a timely manner, contacting you within 24 hours of receiving the Home Study Application.

Adoption Babylink (GA)
Phone Number:404 387 2040
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.adoptionbabylink.com
E-mail Address:dani@adoptionbabylink.com
Other Info:Adoption Babylink is a licensed child placing agency in Georgia and Wisconsin. We are here to help you complete your domestic or international home study (including Hague studies), home study update, and post placement reports. We work quickly to ensure your home study is completed in a timely manner by scheduling your home visits at times that are convenient for you. We complete all visits in your home so you do not need to travel to us as we travel to you! We also work nights and weekends to help meet your needs! We can start your home study as quickly as 24 hours after approval of your application. Call us today to get started!

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