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Adoption Related Services, Inc
Phone Number:717-227-9560
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:http://www.adoption-related-services.org
E-mail Address:info@adoption-related-services.org
Other Info:Adoption Related Services, Inc. is a licensed adoptionagency serving families throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The agency was founded and is directed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who is also an adoptive parent. The agency offers domestic and international home studies, assistance with adoption from Mexico, Uzbekistan, Latvia and Ukraine, adoption counseling, education, pre-adoption and post placement supervision. We are a licensed nonprofit agency. We are Hague accredited by The Council on Accreditation and are able to provide services to families adopting in Hague and Non Hague countries. Our rates and home study completion times are reasonable and we offer efficient, professional and quality services.

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Families United Network, Inc.
Phone Number:717-492-9338
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.families4kids.org
E-mail Address:jbrubaker@families4kids.org
Other Info:Families United Network, Inc. is a full service, non-profit adoption agency licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) as having fully met the Hague Convention standards for international adoption. We are pleased to offer superior home study and other pre and post adoption support services at affordable fees to all Pennsylvania families seeking to adopt domestically or internationally. Our adoption professionals are available to answer your questions throughout the adoption process. We at Families United Network, Inc. would welcome the opportunity to develop a partnership with you based upon mutual respect and sensitivity.

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Caring Adoption Associates
Phone Number:484 494-0235
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.caringadoption.com
E-mail Address:mfischermsw@hotmail.com
Other Info:Caring Adoption Associates is a fully licensed adoption agency in the State of Pennsylvania that is run by a licensed social worker and adoptive parent. We provide domestic and international home studies for adoptive parents at a reasonable rate. We also provide updates and post-placement reports, education, guidance and consultation for adoptive parents. We personally understand the affects of infertility, loss, and the adoption process, and we strive to be compassionate and build relationships with the adoptive parents. Our goal is to make the home study process as easy as possible, while still meeting the requirements of the State of Pennsylvania, U.S. Immigration, and the placing agency.

La Vida International
Phone Number:610-688-8008
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.lavida.org
E-mail Address:info@lavida.org
Other Info:La Vida International is a licensed, Hague Accredited, non-profit adoption agency serving singles and couples throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The agency was founded by and is directed by adoptive parents, all of whom have undergone the home study process themselves. We offer domestic and international home studies, post placement services, child placement services from Colombia, South Africa and China, and adoption counseling services and education. Our philosophy in working together with families is simple . . . to understand your needs by listening and to provide you with competent, compassionate, and caring services.

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