Adoption Glossary - T

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) - The legal process which involuntarily severs a parent's rights to a child.
Tertiary Prevention - Treatment efforts geared to address situations where child maltreatment has already occurred with the goals of preventing child maltreatment from occurring in the future and of avoiding the harmful effects of child maltreatment.
Therapeutic (or treatment) Foster Home - A foster home in which the foster parents have received special training to care for a wide variety of children and adolescents, usually those with significant emotional or behavioral problems. Parents in therapeutic foster homes are more closely supervised and assisted more than parents in regular foster homes.
Tourette's Syndrome - A treatable neurological disorder that consists of involuntary "tic" movements or vocalizations that become more apparent under stress. Common manifestations include shoulder-shrugging, neck-jerking, facial twitches, coughing, grunting, throat clearing, sniffing, snorting and barking. Children with Tourette's often have problems with hyperactivity as well.
Traditional Adoption - Most often used to refer to a domestic infant adoption in which confidentiality is preserved. Equivalent to a Closed adoption.
Treatment - The stage of the child protection case process when specific services are provided by CPS and other providers to reduce the risk of maltreatment, support families in meeting case goals and address the effects of maltreatment.
Treatment Foster Home - A foster home in which the foster parents are trained to offer treatment to children with moderate to severe emotional problems; also known as therapeutic foster home.

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