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Adoption Choices of Colorado
Phone Number:303-670-4401 ext. 102
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.adoptionchoices.org
E-mail Address:ginny@adoptionchoices.org,Bretrum@adoptionchoices.org
Other Info:Adoption Choices of Colorado is a full service, non profit agency providing sensitive and professional care to each family. We are experts with both domestic and international home studies. We cover the State of Colorado. Appointments are scheduled at your convenience including weekends and evenings. We realize that this is a very stressful time for you and we do everything we can to provide you with a speedy, quality home study. We have State of Colorado trained licensed social workers who will guide you through the process.

Virginia L. Frank, Attorney & Counselor at Law
Phone Number:303-756-4673
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.adoptionattorneys.org/states/state.asp?st=CO
E-mail Address:v.frank@adoptionattorneys.org

A Love Beyond Borders.
Phone Number:303-333-1572
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.bbinternationaladoption.com
E-mail Address:Kate@bbinternationaladoption.com,kelly@bbinternationaladoption.com
Other Info:‚ÄčA Love Beyond Borders is a licensed, Hague Approved adoption agency which offers the required SAFE Home Study, adoption education and post adoption services which will help families satisfy the Colorado state adoption laws and prepare you for a domestic or international adoption. A Love Beyond Borders (LBB) provides a variety of Home Study types including those for inter-country adoption and Hague-Convention inter-country adoption, private domestic adoptions, kinship adoptions, designated adoption, court-ordered home studies, step-parent adoption, and second-parent adoption. If you choose to work with an out of state adoption agency on the adoptive placement of the child, LBB will enter into a cooperative agreement with them on your behalf to further support you and the adoption. For those seeking international adoption LBB offers adoption services in Bulgaria, Colombia, Congo, Ethiopia and Haiti and Uganda. New programs are opening soon. Contact us today to schedule a private, complimentary consultation or speak with a client care team member about beginning your adoption journey.

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