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Child & Parent Services
Phone Number:248-646-7790
Coverage Area:Lower Michigan please contact for coverage area.
Web Address:www.childandparentservices.com
E-mail Address:cathyeisenberg@aol.com
Other Info:Child & Parent Services is a Michigan licensed non profit adoption agency serving the needs of birthparents and adoptive families since 1987. Our agency was founded and directed by an adoptive parent who understands both the joys and frustrations of adoption. Our licensed social workers provide quality services to our families by being compassionate, sensitive, and knowledgeable. It is important that our families feel they are being "assisted" not "judged." We attempt to create an environment where we combine information, education and build a positive foundation for the adoption experience. We also provide post adoption services and support. We have a complete domestic adoption program and also facilitate homestudies for interstate, attorney assisted and international adoptions. Our goal is to be an advocate for each one of our families and help them to explore the best possible way to build their family through adoption.

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Keane Center for Adoption
Phone Number:313 277 4664
Coverage Area:Entire State
Web Address:www.keaneadoption.org
E-mail Address:info@keaneadoption.org
Other Info:The staff of the Keane Center for Adoption has 25 years of experience in each step of the adoption process, with a specialty in the area of domestic infant adoption. We routinely complete expert home study services for prospective adoptive parents who are working with adoption attorneys, out of state agencies and family adoptions. Post placement services, such as education and court required visits, are also provided.

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