Options 4 Adoption FAQ

  1. Tell us a little about the founding and development of your organization?
    Our agency was founded in 2004 and is currently run by two women who also happen to be adoptive parents. We work closely with domestic and international adoption placement agencies throughout the United States and take tremendous pride that we are well versed in both domestic and international home study reports.
  2. How are your adoption home study and your organization unique?
    We are unique in that we are run by adoptive parents and several of our case workers are adoptive parents as well. We have been in the same shoes as all of our clients and so we understand the importance of getting their home study report completed quickly and efficiently so that they can move on to becoming a family. We understand that this is an exciting and an emotional time for all of our families. We support our clients 24/7 vs. the 9 to 5 of most agencies. All calls and emails are responded to within 24 hours. We are continuously given feedback that supports how happy our clients are that we are so responsive, and always accurate in our information.
  3. Why are you passionate about adoption and the home study process?
    We are passionate about the adoption process because we are adoptive parents ourselves and know firsthand the wonder and beauty of adoption!
  4. Approximately how much time is necessary to complete an adoption home study by your organization?
    We can complete a home study report in as little as 3 weeks if the adoptive parents can also move quickly with the paperwork on their end.
  5. Can adoptive parents use a home study completed by your organization to adopt a child born in another state?
  6. If you complete my home study, do you also have to complete my post-placement visits?
    Yes this is preferred since we are telling the state that we are taking responsibility for your placement once you re-enter Georgia.
  7. What is some advice you can give to potential adoptive families about the home study process? What should they be prepared for?
    The best advice would be to relax and trust us to make this a comfortable process for all. Many people are intimidated by the home study process and we do our best to make our families feel comfortable throughout the process.
  8. What do your home study social workers look for in a home and a family when they visit potential adoptive families' homes?
    The Options 4 Adoptions case workers look for the home to be orderly and clean....but realize that a family does live there so we do not expect that the home should look like a magazine! Hopefully, there are no signs of potential hazards to children, the family has enough room to support more children, and that they have made an effort to make their home presentable for the meetings.
  9. Are you Hague accredited, and if not, does your international home study comply with Hague International Standards?
    Options 4 Adoption is not Hague accredited, but we have completed MANY Hague home study reports as a supervised provider and are well versed on Hague requirements.
  10. Do you have experience in completing the home study and working with international placement companies?
    Absolutely, we have been working in international adoptions for over 10 years, we used to facilitate adoptions internationally, and we adopted our own children internationally!
  11. Are there other services and benefits you would like to share about your company?
    Yes, we are extremely fast and efficient; and uniquely, our Directors and most of our staff have adopted their children so we understand how quickly our families want to complete their home study reports AND we understand the information that you wish someone would tell you about adoption because we have been there ourselves.

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