Children's Connections, Inc. FAQ

  1. Tell us a little about the founding and development of your organization?
    Children's Connections, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization established in 1987. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in home, child care and community settings. We have conducted home study reports since 1995. Our Adoption Specialists come from a variety of backgrounds, including social work, counseling, education, and mental health. Our services are provided by funding from charitable donations, state and federal funding, contracts, grants, and fees for service.
  2. How are your adoption home study and your organization unique?

    Children’s Connections Adoption Specialists are located throughout Texas, with more than 50 satellite locations throughout the state. We strive to be able to provide prompt service by having an Adoption Specialist close to where adoptive families live. Our adoption home study reports are closely reviewed to ensure they meet state and federal guidelines, as well as international guidelines when applicable. We provide our Adoption Specialists with regular training to increase their knowledge about adoption and the home study process.

    Children’s Connections has more adoption staff members located closer to prospective adoptive parents than any other agency in Texas; thus providing local services throughout the state. Most home visits are conducted after hours so adoptive parents have no need to take off work. We provide free adoption information, resources, referrals and support for all types of adoption. We will help you develop an adoption plan for your family and there is no charge for consultations. Our home study clients also receive continued support, connections with other adoptive families and problem solving throughout all stages of your adoption and even after your adoption is finalized; all at no additional cost. In addition, Children’s Connections’ Crystal Angels Program is the only full-service embryo adoption program in Texas. We also have a Waiting Child Program that specializes in contracting with other states that place children in Texas adoptive-only homes.

  3. Why are you passionate about adoption and the home study process?
    At Children’s Connections we believe strongly in each child’s right to a permanent, loving family and hope to make adoption a memorable and wonderful experience for families. We strive to remove barriers to adoption and to reduce adoption related stress. We welcome the opportunity to educate and prepare families for adoption. We feel that the home study process is a team effort and our role is to help you bring your child home.
  4. How long is an adoption home study valid?
    A home study is valid as long as the adoptive parents maintain contact with our agency. A home study may need a home study update, depending on the type of adoption, the placement agency and what changes have occurred in the home.
  5. Approximately how much time is necessary to complete an adoption home study by your organization?
    Children’s Connections home study reports can usually be completed approximately 30 days from the date we receive completed paperwork from you; unless we are waiting on out-of-state or out-of-country background checks. Expedited service is available in less than 30 days with overnight delivery of your reports. We will not be able to rush the delivery of out-of-state or out-of-country background checks as these are received from outside agencies.
  6. Can adoptive parents use a home study completed by your organization to adopt a child born in another state?
    Yes, adoptive families can use a Children’s Connections adoption home study to adopt a child born in another state.
  7. If you complete my home study, do you also have to complete my post-placement visits?
    No, we do not have to complete your post-placement.
  8. What do your home study social workers look for in a home and a family when they visit potential adoptive families' homes?
    A Children’s Connections Adoption Specialist will visit your home to discuss information about your family background, marriage, parenting abilities, financial status, social supports from extended family and friends as well as the home environment. The Adoption Specialist is not visiting in your home to conduct a white glove inspection! He or she simply needs to see if the child you plan to adopt will be entering into a safe and healthy environment and whether you have thought through how you will accommodate the addition of another member to your family. A certain level of cleanliness is expected, but “lived in” family clutter that shows you have an ordinary household is expected. No one is expected to have a “picture perfect” home since it is unrealistic to expect a child would live in such an environment. We will also help identify ways to “child proof” your home to make it ready for the active young life that will soon be living there. We are glad to be on your team to help bring your child home!
  9. Are you Hague accredited, and if not, does your international home study comply with Hague International Standards?
    We are not Hague accredited, but our home studies do comply with Hague International Standards and we work as a supervised provider under Hague accredited adoption agencies.
  10. Do you have experience in completing the home study and working with international placement companies?
    Yes. We assist families by providing education on international adoption, assisting them in selecting international adoption agencies and determining what countries they may want to consider. We answer questions throughout the adoption process regarding USCIS procedures, in country processes and other facets of an international adoption.

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