Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana FAQ

  1. Tell us a little about the founding and development of your organization?
    Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana is a program of St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities. We have been working with families in adoption since 1989. We serve women and children with their goal to parent or to place through our adoption program, residential program, counseling program, food pantry and distribution center. If a mother's goal is to parent or to place our goal is to assist her. As an adoptive parent we understand that you too want the best possible care for birth families. Our services were developed and continue to develop to meet the needs of all clients (birth families, adoptive families and children) for life.
  2. How are your adoption home study and your organization unique?
    Adoption Bridges of Kentkuckiana has master's level contractual employees working throughout the states of Kentucky and Indiana. These highly skilled professionals (who are also adoptive parents) are available on weekends and after business hours to accommodate the schedules of prospective adoptive families. They bring professionalism and firsthand experience helping to support and expedite the process. Another unique feature is our cohort virtual training. We bring waiting families together for support and education in a way that fosters lifelong friendships for parents and children.
  3. Why are you passionate about adoption and the home study process?
    Adoption Bridges is passionate about building bridges between families (making the connections and growing the relationships) that lead to healthy families and children.
  4. How long is an adoption home study valid?
    In both Kentucky and Indiana the home study is valid for one year.
  5. Approximately how much time is necessary to complete an adoption home study by your organization?
    A home study is completed as quickly as the adoptive parents can complete the paperwork. We have highly skilled contractual professionals working throughout our service area so they can meet prospective adoptive families at their convenience. They can schedule the interviews quickly and are required to have the report completed within a couple days of the last visit. Our process allows the adoptive family to move as quickly as their paperwork is completed
  6. Can adoptive parents use a home study completed by your organization to adopt a child born in another state?
    Yes. Each state has standards they require. These differ from state to state. We follow the standards for Kentucky and Indiana (as well as nationally accredited). When the family is matched we then follow any additional standards required of the sending state (state where the child will be or has been born). This process is called ICPC. Adoption Bridges has been facilitating ICPC adoptions since 1989.
  7. If you complete my home study, do you also have to complete my post-placement visits?
    We do not have to do yet we are happy be your post placement provider.
  8. How many post-placement visits does your organization require?
    We follow the regulation requirements set by the state of Kentucky and Indiana as well as the sending state. They differ from state to state.
  9. What is some advice you can give to potential adoptive families about the home study process? What should they be prepared for?
    The home study process is a thorough examination of many aspects of your life. We understand this can feel intrusive or intimidating. We seek to be supportive and confidential. We encourage each family to follow a documentation guide which is an overview of the process and what steps to complete first in order to expedite the process. Should a family have any questions we encourage you to contact us. In addition to the paperwork and assessment tools each family has a minimum of three home visits where interviews with each individual in the home are completed along with a home inspection. The conclusion of this process is a home study report.
  10. What do your home study social workers look for in a home and a family when they visit potential adoptive families' homes?
    Our home study professionals are trained social workers and many are also adoptive parents. This unique compassion allows them to understand the many emotions adoptive families may be experiencing. They are looking for what each state requires. This differs depending upon the state. We provide each family with a list of what to expect.
  11. Are you Hague accredited, and if not, does your international home study comply with Hague International Standards?
    Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana is COA accredited. At this time we are not providing international home studies
  12. Are there other services and benefits you would like to share about your company?
    Our parenting cohort is a unique feature that many families engage in. The training allows for localization with other adoptive families and covers topics that could benefit any family. These connections continue years after your adoption is final.

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