Keane Center for Adoption FAQ

  1. Tell us a little about the founding and development of your organization?
    The Keane Center for Adoption was founded in 1989 by Michigan attorney Noel Keane. The service model for the agency from the very start has been to encourage and advance open adoptions with the equal involvement of birth parents and adoptive parents. The current owner, Christine Brail, has been the director of the agency since 1989. Chris is married to adoption attorney Herbert Brail, and the Brails are also adoptive parents.
  2. How are your adoption home study and your organization unique?
    All of the staff of the agency has over 20 years of experience as adoption social workers. Prospective adoptive parents are guided through the home study process by compassionate and knowledgeable staff members who are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of service to clients.
  3. Why are you passionate about adoption and the home study process?
    Our passion for adoption comes from our personal experiences with our own adopted children as well as the many years of our work with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds. We want to make the adoption process accessible and understandable.
  4. How long is an adoption home study valid?
    A Michigan home study is valid for one year. Criminal clearances and medical reports must be current within one year before a placement. Updating a home study can be an expedited process to make sure full compliance is met before a placement.
  5. Approximately how much time is necessary to complete an adoption home study by your organization?
    A home study from the point of submitting an application to the final agency written report is approximately 4-6 weeks.
  6. Can adoptive parents use a home study completed by your organization to adopt a child born in another state?
    We routinely have prospective adoptive parents use the home studies we complete to adopt a child from another state.
  7. If you complete my home study, do you also have to complete my post-placement visits?
    Post-placement visits are best completed by the agency that prepared the home study, as it gives a continuity of serve to the prospective adoptive parents.
  8. How many post-placement visits does your organization require?
    Two post-placement visits are required for a Michigan adoption. If a couple is using the Keane Center home study for an out of state adoption, we comply with the other state’s post-placement requirements.
  9. What is some advice you can give to potential adoptive families about the home study process? What should they be prepared for?
    The best advice for new home study clients is to relax and be yourselves! Our social workers are expert interviewers, and they are very comfortable people to be with. The best way to complete an interview is to be open and sincere. Promptness in the paperwork requirements will also relieve a lot of anxiety for clients during the process.
  10. What do your home study social workers look for in a home and a family when they visit potential adoptive families' homes?
    The home environment is very important. Cleanliness, good general maintenance and safety issues are observed, as well as adequate living space. During the home interview the social workers is asking questions to learn about each person’s history, like, dislikes, communication skills and parenting priorities.
  11. Are you Hague accredited, and if not, does your international home study comply with Hague International Standards?
    We do not complete home studies for international adoptions.
  12. Do you have experience in completing the home study and working with international placement companies?
    We no longer complete international adoption services.
  13. Are there other services and benefits you would like to share about your company?
    A clear benefit of working with the Keane Center for Adoption is our vast experience. We have put together a team of committed people who can assist in the efficient accomplishment of our client’s goals of starting new families.

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