All Blessings International (IN) FAQ

  1. Tell us a little about the founding and development of your organization?
    All Blessings International (initially Kentucky Adoption Services) was founded by Lucy Armistead in 2002. Lucy had operated an adoption program at another Kentucky agency for three years, but felt a call to offer more services to families. She decided, at 26 years of age, to trust God and begin this agency. Over the last 20 years, through many challenges, changes, and growth, ABI remains a Christ-centered agency and our practices first serve Him. ABI has been blessed tremendously - more than we could have ever imagined. Having started from Lucy’s basement, ABI has grown to licensure in three states, a staff of highly qualified professionals, an excellent domestic child placement program, Adoption Coaching Services, the National Training and Development Curriculum (NTDC) domestic adoption curriculum and the International Adoption Training Program. Lucy is a published author, award recipient and trusted expert that is called upon by news organizations, other professionals, legislators, as well as the court to advise on adoption matters. ABI staff have presented at local, regional, national and international conferences. The agency has been awarded the Congressional Angel in Adoption Award. ABI has served over 1000 children and there are more projects and opportunities for service.
  2. How are your adoption home study and your organization unique?
    Most of our caseworkers are also adoptive parents. Our domestic coordinator is an international adoptee from Korea and adoptive mother. We feel that it is important to listen to the voice and needs of all three members of the adoption triad which includes the adoptee, birth parents as well as adoptive parents. We feel a deep responsibility to the children we serve to educate adoptive parents in hope of imparting the best tools and techniques essential in raising healthy, well-adjusted children in close, trusting relationships.
  3. Why are you passionate about adoption and the home study process?
    The home study process can be very intimidating and anxiety provoking for families. As adoptive parents ourselves, we understand that and seek to provide compassionate, empathetic professionalism in our services. Home studies allow us to get to know our families well and guide them on their path to adoptive parenthood.
  4. How long is an adoption home study valid?
    The home study is valid for 12 months.
  5. Approximately how much time is necessary to complete an adoption home study by your organization?
    This can vary based on the individual situation for each family, however, the process takes roughly 4-6 weeks. Expedited home studies are available upon request.
  6. Can adoptive parents use a home study completed by your organization to adopt a child born in another state?
    All Blessings International is licensed in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee and can be accepted by any agency operating in the United States. ABI will work with ICPC to assist the finalization with the placing agency of your choice.
  7. If you complete my home study, do you also have to complete my post-placement visits?
    This is the general practice of licensed agencies and once we have accepted your application and completed your home study, we are happy to complete the post placement visits and reports after placement has occurred.
  8. How many post-placement visits does your organization require?
    ABI requires mandatory post-adoption/post-placement supervision when ABI acts as the Primary Provider with your domestic adoption. Adoptive parents sign contracts outlining a minimum of three post- placements and often more if the ICPC guidance determines continues posts until finalization has occurred. For cases in which ABI serves as the Home Study only provider, adoptive parents are requested to comply with the ABI requirement of a post-placement within six weeks of child's placement, as well as with the additional requirements imposed by the Foreign Country and/or the Primary Provider. The timing and number of post- adoption/post-placement requirements vary depending upon the state or country of adoption.
  9. What is some advice you can give to potential adoptive families about the home study process? What should they be prepared for?
    ABI recommends families consistently use the same email address for all home study and adoption related correspondence in addition to keeping a 3-ring binder with hard copies of all submitted paperwork. This can be very helpful with staying organized and prepared from the beginning to the end of the adoption. We also recommend flexibility and an open mind as well as taking part in offered adoption education to best prepare for the journey ahead.
  10. What do your home study social workers look for in a home and a family when they visit potential adoptive families' homes?
    Many families think we are judging a home based on it’s cleanliness and orderliness. While those attributes are nice, we do know that most family homes are not perfect all the time. We want to see the environment that you will raise a child, and an understanding of what is and is not child safe. We like to see that safety latches and other equipment is on the premises, but it is most import that families do not seem evasive or as though they are hiding things. Most times there are simple corrective plans that can given if there is a safety concern.
  11. Are you Hague accredited, and if not, does your international home study comply with Hague International Standards?
    All Blessings International relinquished their Hague Accreditation in 2022 but will continue to meet the requirements set forth by the Primary Providers with Hague Accreditation.
  12. Do you have experience in completing the home study and working with international placement companies?
    Yes, ABI was Hague accredited from 2008 until 2021 and had many international programs. We are knowledgeable about Hague regulations, dossier compilation, USCIS filings, home study requirements for different countries and have worked with most agencies in the United States. We also have our own international adoption training program, and have relationships with foreign providers and embassies in different countries.
  13. Are there other services and benefits you would like to share about your company?
    ABI believes very strongly in pre and post adoption support and education. We provide coaching and assessment services for adoptive families, teen and adult adoptee and adoptive families. We have our own version of the NTCD domestic adoption program which we teach on the Zoom platform with preadoptive families. This class is taught by our Executive Director who is the mother of two teenagers from Asian countries and our domestic coordinator, who is and adoptee and adoptive mother. We work very closely with the expectant mothers we serve and are there to support her before her delivery, at the hospital and for years following placement. We pride ourselves on our ethics in adoption and our strong history as a reputable child placing agency.

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