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Listed below are the various Connecticut agencies that can help you with your adoption home study:

Rainbow Adoptions, Inc.
Phone:860 677-0032
Coverage:Entire State
Other Info:Rainbow Adoptions, Inc. is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency located in Avon, Connecticut. We complete Home Study evaluations that include thorough parental preparation for both domestic and international adoptions. After your child comes home, we also follow up with Post-Placement supervision services that offer support and guidance for issues of adjustment. Our agency is able to assist with immigration procedures in Connecticut as they pertain to international adoptions. We are also experienced and capable at interfacing with other placing agencies in the U.S. for domestic and international adoptive placements.

Adoptions from the Heart (CT)
Phone:860 657 2626
Coverage:Entire State
Other Info:Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH) is a private, licensed, non-profit, non-sectarian adoption agency offering quality and reliable services since 1985. AFTH is licensed in PA, NJ, DE, NY, CT, & VA and has 8 offices to help service families. AFTH is a full service adoption agency specializing in domestic infant adoption, providing home study services for all types of adoptions and adoption education. Learn more about our agency and our services by downloading information or registering for a free webinar or in-person meeting at www.afth.org. Or call 1-800-355-5500 to speak with one of our dedicated and experienced social workers. Contact us today and see the difference experience makes.

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