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Listed below are the various Iowa agencies that can help you with your adoption home study:

Adoption Associates of Iowa
Alternate Phone #:515-249-3403
Coverage:Entire State
Other Info:Adoption Associates of Iowa team is located in the heart of Iowa. Our staff has a total of 46 years of experience working with families. Our core beliefs are: * ADOPTION IS NORMAL. * BUILDING ADOPTIVE FAMILIES NEED NOT BE TRAUMATIC. * ADOPTION IS AN AMERICAN TRADITION.

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Holt International (IA)
Phone:402 934 5031
Coverage:Entire State
Other Info:Holt International is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization licensed in the state of Iowa to provide adoption services. We provide home study services for families who are adopting internationally or in the U.S., even if you are working with another placing agency. Adoptive families deserve the best education and support available in order to successfully prepare for their adoption experience. Holt social workers are some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and supportive professionals in the field of adoption today and are passionate about supporting and guiding families through what can often be a complex and difficult process.

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