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Listed below are the various New York agencies that can help you with your adoption home study:

Dr. Judith S. Lee LCSW
Phone:212 957 3938
Coverage:Please contact for coverage area
Other Info:Dr. Judith S. Lee, LCSW can make private adoption easier, faster, more reliable and less overwhelming. Services include adoption counseling, home studies, and post placements. Pre-adoptive parents need an expert adoption social worker who can help you step-by-step-by step— someone with whom you will establish a strong working alliance and who will help you with the hard stuff. Dr. Lee will walk you through how to make scrapbooks, write “Dear Birthmother” letters, create a successful advertising campaign, help you know how to talk to birthmothers, tell you what constitutes a “red flag”, tell you what to do at the hospital and best of all, be available to you 24/7/365 to help you with any of these things plus whatever other problems may arise.

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