American Adoption Professionals Abroad, Inc.

Phone Number: +49-(0)6130-919768 (Jane Santos, MSW, LCSW) or
+49-(0)6227-859528 (Randy Barlow, MA, MSW, Ed.S.)
Coverage Area: Contact agency for More Details
Web Address: http://www.janesantos.com or http://www.randybarlow.com
Email Address: janesantos@adoptionprosabroad.com
Other Info: American Adoption Professionals Abroad, Inc. is a U.S. registered nonprofit professional association dedicated to providing knowledgable, reliable pre- and post-adoption social work services to adoptive families living abroad. We conduct home studies, post-placement supervision, consultation and education to adoptive families throughout the world and have consultants and support groups in many different countries. We have been providing services since 1990 and are extensively experienced in both US domestic and international adoptions.

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